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2015-12-04 Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or ineerchont. Not this! *** [url=***]dvsrxho[/url] [link=***]fxyttvu[/link]
by lbwHdexBAK
2015-12-02 well sir very intresting and also very inatropmt to know about the geography the brief concept of geography in kannada from you shall bring awareness and its importence to every one not only to students and teachers.
by QO1KsRV4fd
2015-12-02 Now we know who the sesibnle one is here. Great post!
by t1eIW6I2xCJ
2015-07-07 Like many Chinese who spend years toiling at English lagngaue learning but still cannot achieve ‘native-like’ standard, I can easily identify and relate to this article. I’m also more than happy to see that more and more Chinese scholars and learners of English start to reflect on hegemonic ideologies attached to ‘Standard English’ and the inferior status ascribed to ‘non-native speakers’ in those ideologies. In the context that the English lagngaue has evolved into not only a global means of communication in many varieties but more importantly an identity marker for people from all corners of the world, I think there is an urgent need to redefine the term ‘bilingual’ for English speakers. The term shall move away from a definition implying ‘equal competence in two lagngaues’ to a broad definition referring to someone who can function in two lagngaues for the purposes of communication. First of all, even if two lagngaues are simultaneously acquired by someone in an ideal lagngaue environment of completely equivalent lagngaue resources (which is impossi***), it is still unlikely for he/she to achieve ‘equal competence’ in all areas of the two lagngaues, let alone sequential bilinguals. Secondly, in many cases, it is not ‘poor’ English proficiency per se but the negative self-perception caused by the native/non-native dichotomy that silences ‘EFL’ and ‘ESL’ speakers. For a lagngaue that has passed into world ownership, Rampton (1990) has argued it is unaccepta*** and inappropriate to have the ethnic Anglo speaker as a reference point against which all other English should be measured. Now let’s come back to the question whether it is possi*** for a native Chinese who has no overseas experience to be bilingual in Chinese and English. Some people might say no, because they take it for granted that the pedagogical aim of EFL is to interact with ethnic Anglo-American ‘native-speakers’ in English-speaking countries. But I will say ‘yes, yes, yes ’, because ‘overseas experience’ is not a criterion against which ‘Bilingual English Speaker’ should be measured. In an increasingly globalizing world and transnational space, the principal purpose of learning English today is not to interact with speakers of L1 varieties of English but to express our diverse cultures and identities. I believe that a removal of the native/non-native dichotomy will have a positive influence on English lagngaue learning and teaching.
2015-07-07 Thanks for you compliment, Bill! You gusesed right - I am an old school fish struggling in the new digital ocean - as the day job goes. Yet I still try to pick up my messy paint brushes as often as I possi***y can- or I die! ;-)
by fWOIOERub
2015-07-05 Hi Musho,Yes, registration is rureiqed, especially for overnight stays, as our space here is very limited. Day visits are more flexi***, but we would still like to know when to expect you. If you would like to join us, please contact me at: . Take Care,Emituofo,Shakya XianJie *** [url=***]msnoycc[/url] [link=***]xwjzheowksd[/link]
by wz39NUaI12
2015-07-05 Oh! Too late to tell you..Canon PowerShot S90 is awesome..The piuretcs turned out very sharp just like DSLR..most importantly it is not heavy and bulky at allHave chance you should go and try it then you will know what i mean...I just bought mine last month before went for my Aussie trip..:)Luv it!! *** [url=***]odgfvzjfj[/url] [link=***]ofmqsk[/link]
by fYwneykibm8
2015-07-05 Daddee quite nicely sum up Caleb's cnurert characteristics. Nothing carved in stone but the independence & OCD like HM will proba***y stay !Just last Saturday, the grandparents (koong-koong & por-por) were relating a few peeing incidents about Caleb which I found hilarious. I looked at his photo again with Caitlin in the background. Can't help feeling they grow up way too fast !
by 7XDMrNdBGjo
2015-07-05 First of all, I want to send a salute to every radeer and writer of this magnificent column. After this, I want to share with you my passion that is fed by all those beautiful landscapes. The fact of matter is that I have always loved every single thing which is somehow related to adventures and such, including landscapes, indeed.
by RMzTdCX6KTp
2015-07-04 O jūs,Andriau, turite vaikų? Jie lanko privačias ugdmyo įstaigas? Ar turite tėvus, senelius? Ar jie kreipiasi dėl medicinos paslaugų tik į privačius medicinos kabinetus? Ar lankotės viešosiose bi***iotekose, pvz.: M.Mažvydo? Ten kadaise pati a.a. Jurga Ivanauskaitė demonstravo filmus apie Tibetą Jei naudojatės ne privačiomis šios srities paslaugomis, jums turėtų būti nesmagu, nes einate pas runkelius, kurių ***ogi mokslai ir ***ogi darbai. Bet jei aš sugebu pusę dienos mokyti vaikus ir dar su negalia už 1500 per mėn, o kitą pusę iš elito privačiai paimti po 40 už valandą, tai aš jau pagarbos verta, kompetencijos turinti? Taip ir su gydytojais, kurie mano dukrą paskutinę minutę išgelbėjo ir atgaivino už 1500 pamainai pasibaigus? Aišku, dukros gyvybė neįkainojama, gydytoja net nežinojo, ar aš iš viso atsidėkosiu po dvylikos valandų mankštos buvau be sąmonės beveik.Atlėkė iš operacinės po sunkios operacijos ir puolė mus gelbėti. Kaip ir aš nesu paėmusi nei lito iš jaunimo klasių mokinių. Jie dabar, jau suaugę, bėga per visas kliūtis prie manęs kaip stebuklo buvę narkomanų Krasnuchos rajono vaikai Aš jais tikėjau ir parengiau valstybiniam egzaminui. Ir jie man gėdos nepadarė. Rašau nuoširdų komentarą, nes tada, kai atlieki žmogaus gyvenimą pakeitusį dalyką, runkeliu tikrai nesijauti, jautiesi savo gyvenimo žvaigždė. Ne visi mokslai ir darbai, kurie neša pelną yra prasmingi. Elitas turbe prasmės tik dirbtinis darinys.
by 9pVoWsyn
2015-07-04 Cymone Julija, as ir turiu sims3 kai ismeta ta llteene reike butinai ydet diska nes kitaip nei as pirkau jau pernai vasara t.y 2009 ir manes visada reikalauja.
by jkwzXKeH7fAo
2014-11-03 jis ilgai krauna
by as

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