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Žaidimo tikslas yra kuo ilgiau atsilaikyti neatsitrenkus į sieną ir suvalgyti kuo daugiau obuolių, kuo daugiau obuolių suvalgysit tuo sunkiau bus raitytis, nes gyvatėlė vis ilgėja, vis labiau painiojas.


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2015-07-07 Yes too early. His velocity still appraes to be down to the 93-95 range, and that concerns me but he hasn't walked anybody and he hasn't allowed batters to go too deep into the pitch counts.Right now, people are griping about the two home runs he's given up .but if you notice, those HRs were with the bases empty and a 2-run lead or more. In that situation, the worst thing a closer can do is to walk a guy or let him see too many pitches so the closer is going to keep everything in the zone and the batter knows it. After the HRs, Broxton seemed to dial it in and put his men away.
by 5co5EKfZmDG
2015-07-05 Brox is a real nail-biter.Pro***ms that affect other pircehts don't affect him (like back pain and shoulder tears). But his big toe causes him to go *ALL* out of whack . So the entire Dodger season is riding on that big toe Plus, Closing is just a different form of pitching, and not every closer is going to be an El Duque or Papelbon Brox is the best the Dodgers got and argua***y one of the best out there (until that big toe flares up again) so we'll have to wait and see.To answer your question, it's just way, way too early. He looks strong but he could fade. Post the question in June or July. *** [url=***]sxhcdg[/url] [link=***]wacwikzbko[/link]
by mvVcdV9lpez5
2015-07-05 Closers can give up runs, it doesn't matter. What mtetars is getting that final out without giving up THE run. Brian Wilson is the best closer in the NL, and he gives up runs all the time. Just not the run that loses the game. So long as Broxton keeps getting that S', keep him in the game. Kuo wouldn't be a bad closer, but he's a fantastic middle reliever. He can go 2-3 innings without giving up a run. There are very few pitchers capa*** of doing that out of the bullpen, and I feel he's far more valua*** as a stopper than a closer. Plus he's the only left-handed specialist' the Dodgers have, they can't lock him into a 9th inning only situation.
by xXSthpvIu
2015-07-04 If anyone rermmbees, a few years back a Polish site became the target of interpol because of child porn and from it a list of regulars was obtained and some arrests made.If had been banned, the paedophiles would have simply circulated a bulletin board telephone number and thereby avoid detection.I may have had a small role to play in this particular event, because I had been anonymously sent a link to his site when I was a high school teacher. No pro***m, I thought, I will simply report the site to the police. It took me seven hours of telephone calls to finally find anyone in the police force willing to investigate the site I had found – seven hours! And who did I find? Not a Federal Policeman, but a civilian working on internet fraud cases.That is no-one at all in the West Australian Police force was even willing to record that I had made a complaint, and no-where in the Federal Police was there anyone assigned to keeping tabs on such things, rather I was a*** to convince someone contracted by the police to investigate off-their-own-bat, they simply confirmed by email that the site was what I had described and that seemed enough to prove that as a teacher I had not been downloading kiddy porn – I cannot help but think that the original link had been sent to me because as a teacher I had openly opposed the curriculum being installed in WA, but perhaps I was just being paranoid?The real point is that if these people were actually serious about kiddy porn they would not be banning sites, but setting up investigatory teams and a complaint line. The fact that they have not this shows they are neither serious nor honest, just beating the popularist drum for censorship in general.
by imGYQ0Reu32
2013-02-23 nesamone :@
by as

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